Training Services

Our training courses include;

  • MSO Course
  • STCW95
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • Maritime Awareness Security Training (MAST)

Maritime Medical Training

  • HSE Offshore Medic Training
  • HSE On-Board Medic Training
  • Proficiency in Medical Care On-Board Ship

Anti-Piracy Courses

As a leading maritime security company and anti-piracy specialist, we provide the following comprehensive courses;

  • Pirate Recognition & Awareness Training
  • Boarding Procedures

Other Courses

  • Decoy & Diversion Drills
  • Vessel Preparation (Hardening)
  • Graduated Use of Force (GUOF) / Rules of Engagement (ROE)
  • Communication & Navigation Training

Please contact our training team for further details: